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I visited Norden High School in Rishton this morning to give a talk to about 100 children about reading, writing and my own books.  I set a short story competition and will be returning there in October with the results.  Was good fun, and a lot of great ideas came out from the students.  It was great the way everyone got involved and took part in the workshop.  I’m looking forward to reading all those stories now!!!


Tomorrow I’ll be visiting a high school in Blackburn to give a talk and set another short story competition.  There’ll be over 100 children, so that means I’ll be judging between over 100 stories this time – I’m considering reducing the word limit a little!

It’s only a few hours in, but already people are sharing and talking about my appeal. Thank you!  Please get involved in any way you can, to help make this a success:

Don’t forget I’m open to suggestions for improving my website too!  Thanks for your likes and follows so far – I’m really excited to be getting things moving again, and this is all from a totally unexpected fan letter from a school in Scotland.  I had no idea my books were being read up there!

It’s so tempting to post some artwork, but I’m waiting until the cover is complete.  I’m planning to have a small quantity printed for schools and promotional purposes, so watch this space over the next few days!  I can tell you who the artist is, it is a top artist called Andrew Usher, whose work you can see here:

Happy World Book Day to the UK! I’m just finishing the preparations for my school visit today. It’s exciting to think what the children might come up with, creating characters, stories and new ideas…. Don’t forget to find my page at

I just decided today that when I visit the school in Colne tomorrow I will give some books to the library so that all the children will have a chance to read them.  Having just bought a lot more children’s books from local charity shops for a few pounds in total (some really good ones too!), I’m reflecting on what a fantastic and inexpensive hobby reading can be.