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A Conversation with J.K.Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe

Wow what a busy day yesterday was! But hey, the Mysterious Books promotions are kicking off and I’ve got one backer so far. Please see if you can help:

OK folks…. My project for Mysterious Books is live on Kickstarter.  Check it out and see if you can help.  Thanks! 🙂

I’ve just submitted a project to, a place where people can appeal for support to get creative projects off the ground.  Although I wouldn’t describe Mysterious Books as being on the ground, it could certainly use some help!  So watch this space, where I’ll be posting links to the project once it’s up and running.

Dear Readers, I have been presented this morning with some marvelous new artwork for the cover of the first Peter Black mystery.  Also, there is an idea of changing the title to ‘Peter Black and the Craven Lake Mystery.’  Any thoughts on whether this title is better than ‘Peter Black and the Mystery of Craven’s Lake’ will be very much appreciated.  Thanks!

I’m glad to report that our celebration of World Book Day was a great success yesterday.  I worked with a class of children at a fantastic primary school in Colne, East Lancashire.  We were reading books, creating characters and stories, and generally having a lot of fun!  I’m returning in a few months’ time to give the results of the short story competition.  I genuinely can’t wait to read the stories – the kids were great!